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Important Messages
August 31st is the final day to collect your Summer Reading Prizes! The Grand Prize Drawings will also take place August 31st!

Congratulations West Linn readers, you reached the 75,000 minute goal on July 1st! Since the community reached its goal, our generous local business sponsors, Kids First Pediatric and Kumon Reading Center of West Linn, have agreed to make a donation to PAWS Animal Shelter, as part of our Make Reading Count Campaign. We couldn't have done it without you!

Don't forget, if you've already completed the reading challenge, prizes are now available! If you have been logging your minutes online and are eligible for prizes, you don't need to bring in the paper reading log. Just come to the prize table downstairs in the Youth area, give us your name to verify that you're done, and collect your cool prizes!

Teens & Adults: You can now post your reading minutes or reviews to Facebook! To enable Facebook posts, just go to "My Info" and change the Facebook setting at the bottom to "Yes". The next time you enter a log, a pop up window will allow you to share your accomplishments on Facebook!

The End of Memory - Miroslav Volf

Volf explores the idea of memories, especially painful ones, from a Christian viewpoint. Broken into three parts, Remember!, How Should We Remember?, and How Long Should We Remember? the book explores memories in depth from these lenses. Volf seeks to move beyond the traditional understanding of forgive and forget. Volf argues that not only is remembering part of who we are as humans, but that it is okay to remember. He urges readers to not only remember, but to remember rightly. Speaking from his own personal experience, Volf presents a thought provoking viewpoint on remembering that I would recommend.
Learning From The Stranger: Christian Faith and Cultural Diversity - David I. Smith

Smith seeks to move readers beyond the traditional view of cultural diversity and how it connects to the Christian faith. He presents the idea that being a Christian who is culturally diverse goes beyond mission trips and helping those who are from different cultural backgrounds. I found the chapter on listening the most helpful. Smith described the key as not just listening, but listening to understand and make changes in my own practices. To just listen as though I am an expert with nothing to learn, is meaningless. He also urges to ask questions and be be willing listen for answers. This book is a must read for educators who are working in increasingly cultural diverse classrooms.